How to Fix the PII_Email_3af808b2d3

If you’re getting the PII_Email_3af808b2d3 error in Google Analytics, don’t worry – we can help you fix it! Just follow our simple step-by-step guide and you’ll be up and running in no time.

How to Fix the PII_Email_3af808b2d3Checkout this video:


If you are seeing the PII_EMAIL_3af808b2d3 error, it means that your email account has been compromised. This error is caused by a malware that infects your computer and then uses your email account to send spam emails. The PII_EMAIL_3af808b2d3 error is a security measure that is meant to protect your account from being used to send spam. To fix this error, you will need to remove the malware from your computer and then change your email password.

What is PII_Email_3af808b2d3?

PII_Email_3af808b2d3 is a error that can occur when sending or receiving emails. This error is caused by a problem with the server that is handling the email, and can be fixed by restarting the server.

How to fix PII_Email_3af808b2d3

If you receive the PII_Email_3af808b2d3 error, it means that your email account is not properly configured. To fix this, you will need to change the settings in your email program.

1. Open your email program.
2. Go to the “Accounts” or “Settings” section.
3. Find the account that is giving you the PII_Email_3af808b2d3 error and click on it.
4. Change the settings for this account so that the “Incoming Mail Server (IMAP)” is set to “” and the “Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)” is set to “”.
5. Save your changes and try sending an email again.


In conclusion, the PII_Email_3af808b2d3 is a relatively simple error to fix. By following the steps outlined in this article, you should be able to resolve the issue quickly and easily.

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