Blocked sites and applications can indeed be opened with a VPN. For example when there is a block on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and some other media. However, if you are not careful, using a VPN can have a negative effect. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a private network that connects virtual places (sites, applications, servers) on the internet. You can find out what is the best free vpn app for android.

All traffic will pass through the server provided by the service owner. This can be a problem. Because there is a possibility that the VPN service owner can access the data that passes on his server. Personal data such as email accounts, digital track records (what sites we access), or even financial data (credit cards and internet banking) can no longer be confidential.

Indeed, not all VPN service providers have bad intentions. However professionally, they sell the service. They get money through paid VPN services. This means they are bound by trade ethics. However, when we talk about free VPNs, further consideration needs to be made. We need to know where their income comes from. Do they provide premium services (paid) with free VPN as a side? Do they have another income?

If there is no clarity, this should be suspected. They may sell our data access to other parties. The simplest, selling data for advertising purposes. But the hard thing is if the data is sold to irresponsible parties. Later, the data can be used for malware, scams, or other bad things. If we choose a free VPN that is naughty and this happens, yes we ourselves are affected by the negative effects and will definitely lose.

Indeed, if you see the case of Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp that is down because it is blocked by the government, there are many parties who incur losses. But the government has its own reasons for greater importance. Avoiding incitement or hoax news that is dangerous and can break national unity.

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